Advanced International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

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An Open Access Peer Reviewed Multidisciplinary Bi-monthly Scholarly International Journal

Call for Paper Volume 2 Issue 4 July-August 2024 Submit your research before last 3 days of August to publish your research paper in the issue of July-August.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is AIJMR approved by UGC (India) or ISI (International Scientific Indexing) or Scopus?
Not yet. But we are hoping to get it soon.
How much time does it take to review research paper?
The time of review generally depends on the complexity and length of the research. After submitting research paper, it could take 2 to 4 days for short and not much complex research, while reviewing long and/or complex research could take several weeks. We will notify the 1st author by email when the review completes. Authors can also check the status anytime using the track status page/form.
How much time does it take to publish research paper?
After making payment for publishing and uploading the documents for verification, it could take 2 or 3 work-days.
What is included in mailed printed physical hard copies?
  • Publication certificate(s) printed on thick glossy paper (separate certificates for all authors).
  • Your published full article/manuscript/paper.
How to add more authors to my paper?

While submission, AIJMR is allowing only 5 authors' details to enter, we can add more authors to the papers after submission. Generally, we proactively add more authors from the uploaded document file if it contains more than 5 authors, but if we forget or you have forget to add all the authors' details in the document files, the missing authors' details can be added later any time, even after publication.

To add more authors' details to your paper, please send an email to us, or send a message to us through the form on the Contact Us page, or through a social media, or through SMS to our phone number, along with the following details of each of the authors to be added (Name of the author is mandatory, other details are optional):

  • Name
  • Designation/Occupation
  • Organization
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

Please note that if number of authors exceeds 4 then you are required to pay additional fee of ₹ 300 (if all authors are Indian) or US $ 10 (if any of the authors is non-Indian) per each additional author in the research paper.

Isn't your question answered here? Please see the contact details page and ask us your question through your comfortable contact method mentioned on it.