Advanced International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

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An Open Access Peer Reviewed Multidisciplinary Bi-monthly Scholarly International Journal

Call for Paper Volume 2 Issue 4 July-August 2024 Submit your research before last 3 days of August to publish your research paper in the issue of July-August.

International Academic Journal - IJFMR

AIJMR (Advanced International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research) is an international academic journal for publishing research papers. We are publishing research done in any/all disciplines. Reviewers from many disciplines have joined our academic journal from all over the world. And therefore, we are also accepting and publishing research in almost all currently spoken languages.

Being an international academic journal, the reach of the research papers published in our journal is global. They get international recognition.

After publishing, we are submitting the research papers in many well-known databases and websites who index academic journals and research papers. Publishing in our international academic journal ensures wide indexing of the research papers.

Our international academic journal is also double-blind peer reviewed, which means the reviewers don't know about the researchers/authors of the submitted research, and the researchers/authors don't know about the reviewers who is reviewing their research. As both don't get aware of each other, this kind of peer review is called double-blind, and it ensures unbiased review of the research.

Our scholarly international research journal, AIJMR, is an open access academic journal which means that the published research papers can be viewed by anyone. This helps in greater reach of the research papers published in our journal.

The research papers of the scholars published in our journal/website are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, which means anybody can copy and share your research content, however they have to mention your name (give attribution) when using the research for any purpose. This ensures that nobody can just use your research without giving credit to you. The ShareAlike term also ensures that they can only share the research/content with this same license. Still all the rights belong to their respective authors/researchers except the publication rights which also belongs to publisher (us).

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