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Call for Paper Volume 2 Issue 3 May-June 2024 Submit your research before last 3 days of June to publish your research paper in the issue of May-June.

Volume 2, Issue 3 (May-June 2024)

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Effect of Attachment Style on Emotional Regulation and Psychological Wellbeing among Adults
Author(s): Fabiha Khan, Dr Nisha Kumari
Country: India
Research Area: Arts
DOI: 10.62127/aijmr.2024.v02i03.1046
Parental Neglect, Emotional Regulation and Psychological Adjustment Among Queer and Heterosexual Young Adults
Author(s): Ipshita Kandulna, Tamanna Saxena
Country: India
Research Area: Sociology > Philosophy / Psychology / Religion
DOI: 10.62127/aijmr.2024.v02i03.1049
Effect of High Heels on Strength of Knee Extensors and Q Angle in Adult Females - A Systematic Review
Author(s): Ritu Sharma, Dr. Pradeep Borkar
Country: India
Research Area: Medical / Pharmacy
DOI: 10.62127/aijmr.2024.v02i03.1051
Study of Effect of Yogic Practices on Academic Achievement of Senior Secondary School Students
Country: India
Research Area: Sociology > Education
DOI: 10.62127/aijmr.2024.v02i03.1052
Pharmacognostic, Physico-chemical and Therapeutic Potential of Woodfordia Fruticosa (L.) Kurz
Author(s): Sonali Sajwan, Rakesh negi, Pawan sagar
Country: India
Research Area: Biology > Bio + Chemistry
DOI: 10.62127/aijmr.2024.v02i03.1056
Assessment of Walking Index in Spinal Cord Injury Patients Admitted to Tertiary Hospital in Western Maharashtra
Author(s): Yukta Sonar, Dr. Deepali Hande, Dr. Noopur Mahajan, Dr. Aditi khot
Country: India
Research Area: Medical / Pharmacy
DOI: 10.62127/aijmr.2024.v02i03.1060
Expansion of Newborn Screening Programs: Implications and Strategies for Implementation
Author(s): Dr. Preeti Kumari Yadav
Country: India
Research Area: Medical / Pharmacy
DOI: 10.62127/aijmr.2024.v02i03.1061
The Phenomenon Called Star - Bases of Emergence and Reasons of Popular Identification
Author(s): Samarpita Ghosh-Ray
Country: India
Research Area: Sociology > Journalism / Media
DOI: 10.62127/aijmr.2024.v02i03.1062